NJMP Report 2016:

The dust has finally settled and the the air has cooled down. After a long and hard fought weekend here is the wrap-up from the final rounds of the Gearup F Series !

Formula Tag:
#75 Alex Salsbury took to the track for his first weekend competing in the highly competitive Formula Tag class. With over 30 karts in the class both days It took a lot of patience and skill to do battle with many fierce competitors! Alex put on a great show making his way through the field and netting a great result for his first experience within the class.


Formula 125:
#74 Team owner Gregory Gleisner had an outstanding weekend finishing on the podium both days. Although minor mechanical issues prevented him from finishing higher up, he had a solid second place run going both days, with extended battles for the lead!

andrew#71 Andrew Salsbury took out his fresh GGR Kart to compete in his first Gearup race. Andrew was showing great speed all weekend. He had great fun both days learning a new track and competing against many different drivers!

#288 Craig Drabik also had a great weekend! Although he didn’t quite have the speed he was looking for, Craig still made tons of ground on lots of competitors and was consistent the whole weekend! Craig would finish his second full time Gearup season in the top 10 in points!



#77 Will Salisbury was looking to cap off his championship run with more podium finishes, however badluck more than anything prevented him from doing it the way they had anticipated. Putting himself in a position to finish on the podium and secure his championship all weekend, Will did what he needed to do, but mechanical issues plagued the #77 crew all weekend. Will put on incredible shows both days, and made his way from the back of the field twice to within the top 3. However, when the dust settled and the racing was over it was concluded that Will had indeed scored enough points to win the Formula 125 class championship by 1 single point! Making his victory Will’s first Gearup F Series championship, and GGR Karts first championship as a chassis.


It’s been an incredible year for all our drivers, and GGR Karts would like to personally thank all of the support from our dedicated families, crews, drivers, F-Series Staff, and friends for making this season truly spectacular! Thank you!

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